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Manage the environment around the database, such as Cloud, Monitoring, Exaoperation and scalability
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Background This article describes the calculation of the optimal (maximum) DB RAM on a: 4+1 system with one database (dedicated environment) 4+1 system with two databases (shared environment) The calculation of the OS Memory per Node stays the same for both environments. Shared environments are not recommended for production systems. Example Setup: The 4+1 cluster contains four active data nodes and one standby node. Each node has 384GiB of main memory. How to calculate Database RAM OS Memory per Node It is vital for the database that there is enough memory allocatable through the OS. We recommend using at least 10% of the main memory on each node. This prevents the nodes from swapping on high load (many sessions). Main Memory per Node * 0.1 = OS Memory per Node 384 * 0.1 = 38,4 -> 38GiB In order to set this value, the database needs to be shut down. EXAoperation 'Configuration > Network' - "OS Memory/Node (GiB)" Maximum DB RAM (dedicated environment) (Main Memory per Node - OS Memory per Node) * Number of active Nodes = Maximum DB RAM Example: 4 x data nodes with 384GiB (Main Memory per Node) - 38GiB (OS Memory per Node) (384GiB - 38 GiB) * 4 = 1380GiB Maximum DB RAM (shared environment) Example Database "one" on four data nodes (exa_db1) Database "two" on two data nodes (exa_db2) As before the "Maximum DB RAM" is 1380GiB. With two databases sharing the Maximum DB RAM, we need to recalculate and redistribute it. Maximum DB RAM / Number of Databases = Maximum DB RAM per database 1380GiB / 2 = 690GiB For database "one" (exa_db1), which is running on all four nodes 690GiB DB RAM can be configured. The smaller database "two" (exa_db2) is running on two nodes, therefore "Maximum DB RAM per database" needs to be divided by the number of data nodes it's running on (2). Maximum DB RAM per database / Number of active Nodes = Maximum DB RAM per database 690GiB / 2 = 345GiB       Additional References Sizing Considerations  
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This article explains how to create a VPN between your GCP cluster and Exasol Support infrastructure
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