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Team Exasol
Team Exasol

In case of using two or more database clusters, backups can be stored "cross-over" for fail-safety reasons. The scenario might look like this:

         CLUSTER 1                             CLUSTER 2
   +-------------------+                +---------------------+
   |      DB(1)---------------+         |         DB(2)       |
   |                   |      |         |           |         |
   |                   |      |         |           |         |
   |  Archive Volume <------------------------------+         |
   |                   |      |         |                     |
   |                   |      |------------> Archive Volume   |
   +-------------------+                +---------------------+

To achieve this, two remote volumes must be defined:

  1. The first one in cluster 1, referencing an archive volume in cluster 2. In this example, we reference a volume v0002:
    ftp://{IP address or comma-separated IP addresses in cluster 2}:2021/v0002

    For user and password, enter a valid EXAoperation account of cluster 2.

  2. The second one in cluster 2 referencing an archive volume in cluster 1.

Please note: In case, backups should also be usable by the respective remote database (e.g. database 2 should be able to restore a backup from within its local archive volume written by remote database 1), the remote archive volume option


must be used.

Prior to version 6.0, it was not possible to use this approach for creating backups cross-wise.