Installation of FSC Linux Agents via XML-RPC



Ask at for FSC Monitoring plugin.


How to Install FSC Linux Agents via XML-RPC


1. Upload "Plugin.Administration.FSC-7.31-16.pkg" to EXAoperation

  • Login to EXAoperation (User privilege Administrator)
  • Upload pkg Configuration>Software>Versions>Browse>Submit


2. Connect to EXAoperation via XML-RPC (this example uses Python)

>>> import xmlrpclib, pprint
>>> s = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("http://user:password@license-server/cluster1")


3. Show plugin functions

>>> pprint.pprint(s.showPluginFunctions('Administration.FSC-7.31-16'))
'INSTALL_AND_START': 'Install and start plugin.',
'UNINSTALL': 'Uninstall plugin.',
'START': 'Start FSC and SNMP services.',
'STOP': 'Stop FSC and SNMP services.',
'RESTART': 'Restart FSC and SNMP services.',
'PUT_SNMP_CONFIG': 'Upload new SNMP configuration.',
'GET_SNMP_CONFIG': 'Download current SNMP configuration.',
'STATUS': 'Show status of plugin (not installed, started, stopped).'


4. Install FSC and check for return code

>>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.FSC-7.31-16','n10','INSTALL_AND_START')
>>> ret


5. Upload snmpd.conf (Example attached to this article)

>>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.FSC-7.31-16', 'n10', 'PUT_SNMP_CONFIG', file('/home/user/snmpd.conf').read())


6. Start FSC and check status

>>> ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.FSC-7.31-16', 'n10', 'RESTART')
>>> ret

>>> ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.FSC-7.31-16', 'n10', 'STATUS')
>>> ret
[0, 'started']


7. Repeat steps 4-6 have for each node.


Additional Notes

For monitoring the FSC agents go to and search for "ServerView Integration Pack for NAGIOS

Additional References