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Team Exasol


The default bucket service contains a Container Image. The default bucket and bucket service (cannot be deleted).

Create an EXABucketFS service and bucket

Create a new empty EXABucketFS Service

  • Click on "Add"
  • Select a Data Disk: Recommended default: d02_data or a dedicated data disk (d03_data, d04_data, ...). Please do not use the Operating System Disk d00_os


  • TCP Listener Ports (Check your Firewall settings, Listener Port can only be used once)
    • HTTP Port: TCP Port e.g. 8080
    • HTTPS Port: TCP Port e.g. 8443
  • Description: For the bucket service
  • Click on "Add"


Create a new empty EXABucketFS Service Bucket

One bucket service can have an arbitrary amount of buckets.

  • Click on "bucketfs1"
  • Click on "Add"
  • Bucket Name: The name of the bucket
  • Public bucket: Yes or No. Public buckets do not require a password for reading
  • Read password: Read Access Password
  • Write password: Write Access Password
  • Description: For the bucket
  • Click on "Add"


Testing connectivity (write)

curl --user w -v -X PUT -T file.tar.gz
curl --user w -v -X DELETE
curl --user w -v -X GET

Testing connectivity (read)

List size of all bucket objects
curl --user r -v

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