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For certain Support Packages, such as Monitoring, Exasol will need VPN Access to the cluster to provide these services. 


To complete these steps, you will need access to GCP and have the permissions to do these actions

How to create the VPN

Step 1: Create Virtual Private Gateway and VPN Tunnel

  • Go to the GCP Console
  • Open Hybrid Connectivity page
  • Click Create VPN Connection
  • Choose Classic VPN and Continue

Step 2: Create a Google Compute Engine VPN gateway

  • Type your preferred name (for example, Exasol-VPN)
  • Add description (optional)
  • Choose the network which you are using for Exasol cluster
  • Choose a region (We recommend to choose the same region as your compute engines)
  • Choose a public static IP address (if you don't have reserve new one)

Step 3: Choose your Tunnel settings

  • Type your preferred name for the tunnel
  • Add description (optional)
  • Add Remote peer IP address (for Exasol the IP address is
  • Choose the IKE version. (For exasol the requirement is IKEv1)
  • Add IKE pre-shared key. Enter your own key or generate one automatically. Please note the key, it is not possible to get it after creating the tunnel
  • Choose Route-based from Routing options
  • Add Remote network IP ranges (Exasol provides the IP address. e.g.
  • Click Done and Create

Please share the IKE pre-shared key and IP address of your cloud VPN gateway with Exasol in order to create a tunnel.

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