Team Exasol
Team Exasol

This article presents the basic disk layout for management and data nodes. The layout is invariant to the environment the cluster is running. Please be aware that it is recommended to have dedicated disks for the OS and EXAStorage, at least one for each, the management node being the only node that can have a single disk. Disks may be encrypted (AES-128, AES-256, HSM) and for more security, using raid mirrors for all devices is recommended (on-premise).

Management node:

1st and only HDD

  • minimum size 200GiB
  • Partitioning is done automatically

Data node:

For a data node four partitions are needed:
1st HDD

  • OS partition (d00_os)
    • EXACluster OS is installed on this partition
    • AES 256 encrypted
    • ext4 filesystem with journaling
    • Minimum size 50 GiB
  • Swap partition (d01_swap)
    • Swap partition
    • swapFS
    • 4GiB
  • Data partition (d02_data)
    • ext4 filesystem with journaling
    • Minimum size 50 GiB
    • Used for database logs and coredumps

2nd+ HDD

  • Storage partition (d03_storage)
    • 1st EXAStorage partition
    • Can have one disk or multiple disks
    • Used for persistent and temporary database data