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Xperts and Xelerators 2021 - Exasol MVP Nominations

Exasol Alumni

Xperts Nomination 2021Xperts Nomination 2021










Nomination Season 2021 has started (closes Dec 31st)

As we are all wrapping up this crazy year 2020, there is one last task to do. A BIG thank you to the 2020 Xperts: https://community.exasol.com/t5/xperts/ct-p/xperts_program

Their dedication and involvement drives us and makes us more than proud. Can't wait to meet you all again in person soon.

But when I say 2020, that means also preparations for the 2021 Season. So let's kick off the nominations.

This time we also will broaden the approach!

More Exasol Xperts

As Exasol grows, so does the number of Xperts. Starting in 2021, we will now name 8 (eight) individuals who will achieve the Exasol Xpert status. They are the top level MVP in the Exasol universe. Think of Messi, Tom Brady, James LeBron, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Annemiek van Vleuten in one Person but in the Database World (biased selection).

And in general quite a nice group of people to chat and interact with. (send me a DM here in the Community or via community@exasol.com with the Message Subject: Nomination)

New Category - Exasol Xelerators

A lot more individuals get nominated for Xpert than we can honor and at the some stand out in one category, but just not quite in all aspects. This is why we decided to add a new group to the MVP Program. The Exasol Xelerators. They excell most in their expertise about Exasol and accelerate our development as a company, by sharing their Know How, and promote us with presentations or with a helping hand in the Community. We introduce this status with three categories

  • Communtiy Xcelerator - six individuals that help in the community (exasol.community.com) answering questions, moderating and makeing it a lively spot to look for Knowhow about Exasol
  • Usergroup Xcelerator - six individuals that host, organize and speak at Exasol technical Usergroups, sharing their expertise, project, development and actively engage with other users.
  • Technical Xcelerator - six individuals that build, maintain additions to the Exasol GitHub Program, UDfs, closely interact with Exasol during in the EAP. Or write Adaptors to 3rd Party Software.

As with the Xperts send me a DM here in the Community or via community@exasol.com with the Message Subject: Nomination

If you have questions about the program or the selection process. Just DM me.

Deadline for Nominations: Dec 31st 2020

Lets have a great 2021

Christian Langmayr aka @exa-Chris 


Very nice initiative