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Whre can I set the timeout parameter in virtual schema


Hi there,

we are using different virtual schemas to connect to remote data (S3 and another Exasol) and sporadically run into a timeout. Is there a parameter where I can enlarge the timeout setting for virtual schemas?

Any help is appreciated.


Exasol Alumni


could you share an error-message?


Hi @exa-Jakob,

I get this error message when running into a timeout: SQL Error [42636]: ETL-4101: Inserting data failed with error 'Query terminated because timeout has been reached.'

This message I get for example when reading data from AWS Athena via a virtual schema. When I recall correctly I get this message also from a virtual schema from a remote Exasol. Can we use connection timeout parameter within jdbc signature in Athena when creating the connection in Exasol?

Exasol Alumni

Hi @kochjoe ,

that message is new to me. However, I would expect that it comes from the Exasol DB / importer since it states that inserting failed. Also, the term query indicates it's not related to S3.

So maybe it's the generic Exasol query timeout (see ALTER SESSION doc)

However, that's just a guess. If you need additional help please open a support ticket.