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Wherescape and EXASOL


We are using Wherescape as our ELT Tool and are currently on Teradata.  The key point about Wherescape is, that it generates platform specific code. We write our logic on the Metadata and then Wherescape translates it to almost any target platform, using a template mechanism.

We introduced in our organisation Wherescape 2 years ago, one argument was that we we wanted to have the flexibility to change the database without changing too much code.

Sinse this year we started looking into using EXASOL and finally purchased two machines and are now in the process of migrating the code base.

In this process we are working also very closely with Wherescape to enhance their product, such that they support EXASOL out of the box. Our intend is that we don't want to write our own Wherescape templates, instead Wherescape should enhance their product to natively support Exasol (for example by using the import- mechanism instead of doing a load via powershell)

I wonder whether anybode else has some experience with Wherescape and Exasol and would be willing to share their experience, or whether someone would be interested to hear from us what our learnings were and what challenges we had to overcome. Perhaps we can also together help Wherescape/Exasol to make the interaction Wherescape-Exasol better.


Exasol Alumni

Hello Gallus, I look after WhereScape as a technical alliance partner and we closely work with the WhereScape team to provide templates to our joint customers and specifically support Datavault2.0 -- please can you send me a direct message to exa-JuergenF and then I will organise a Zoom meeting with WhereScape, Exasol and yourself.

Exasol Alumni

Hi Gallus, just been thinking abou this. May be it is a perfect discussion topic for a Virtual User Roundtable. Can we link up on this? Rgds exa-Chris


Hello Chris

Definitely, however I would suggest that we first show that it works. Therefore I would suggest that we wait until we have at least one part of our datawarehouse in production (the plan was to have the first part by end of October in production).

Had we developed the templates our selves we would already have a stable version to test. However, our goal was to have  Wherescape extend the product and have them to develop the basic templates and reduce the amount of our own code.  This approach required some more communication and coordination with Wherescape and we had to find an approach which fulfills their requirements and ours. We are slowly getting there.

Kind Regards


P.S.: Perhaps we can have a call to discuss the details and next steps.


We started down this road a year or so ago before our Enterprise Architecture group was able to (temporarily) completely quash Exasol as a solution.  At that time,Wherescape was generating Powershell scripts that ran on the OS and accessed Exasol in that manner.  Now that our global parent officially supports Exasol, our hope is that we will get back to that architecture eventually.  I hope you are successful!  I feel that Wherescape, Exasol, and Data Vault are a fantastic solution.


Hello NituWakan

When we started with the migration from Teradata to Exasol Wherescape's standard for Exasol was also PowerShell. We absolutely did not like this approach, because we didn't want to introduce another language, it was not transparent and difficult to find errors and in addition it did not use the Exasol features (e.g. loading a table in multiple parallel threads, or using connections defined on Exasol)

With the help of Wherescape and Exasol we are changing this approach. Wherescape started now developing templates, which directly generate LUA Scripts, there is no need for power-shell and it uses now the Exasol features