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What User Groups do you want to see?

Exasol Alumni

Hi everybody,

As we are planning more and more User Groups in person again (we will also continue having virtual ones), we would like to have your input!


Our User Groups are held by Exasol customers who share their experience with Exasol as either a use case or how Exasol solved a problem they were having. The audience for our User Groups is you, our technical Community, and users of Exasol. The User Groups are a great place to connect like-minded individuals together. 

With that in mind, please answer the following questions about the User Groups and we will do our best to make your request come true:


  • Would you be interested in presenting your company and talking about your use case with Exasol?
  • What topic or industry are you most interested in having in a User Group?
  • What use cases do you want to see discussed in a User Group?

If you have anything else you want to give us feedback on, please let us know.


Your Community Team