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What are your Data Resolutions & Predictions for 2021 ?

Exasol Alumni

Hi everybody,
to start the new year, @exa-Helena and @exa-Eva have published a new episode of their Podcast Data Xpresso

In this episode, they share what they are expecting to see organizations focus on and throw their own resolutions into the mix. 


What do you think will have a big impact in 2021? Do you have specific resolutions for your work with data?

Have a great 2021!

P.S: if you want to follow Helena and Eva directly on Twitter, you can find them at @hmschwenk and @TriMyData 



Hi @exa-Helena and @exa-Eva, and thanks for your podcasts.

I'm not going to even attempt to guess what will have a big impact in 2021 but I did want to mention something I noticed while coming up with our own 2021 Data Analytics resolutions. And it is that they seem to be cyclical over the years. They generally cycle through Data Governance, Reliability, and Performance. And by time we finish one iteration our use of Data Analytics has grown enough that we need to go back and start the cycle again. Does it ever end??




My own primary focus will be to continue with data flow optimization because that impacts everything. I agree with Peter in that it is a never ending cycle. We've made tremendous strides in deployment of our metric framework to consolidate key information into a single, standard portal. I expect we will continue to develop that extensively along with automating anomaly detection. In terms of new frontiers, we are working on a formal data science program / platform that enables the "citizen data scientist". 


I had to laugh when reading Peters answer because I was having the same feeling.

We enabled our customers to use self service BI about 20 years ago for the first time (there was no term back then). It took some years until they started a project to consolidate their data access to have a common measure calculation. 

Years later the departments cried out to have a more flexible access to data and we went back to enable self service BI for their various departments.

Currently we are in back in the cycle of consolidation.

I think what COVID has show us is that before starting to go for predictive analyses every enterprise should have a rock solid (and often boring) enterprise reporting that looks at the past and the current state of your enterprise to be able to get a feeling for the effects of unpredictable events.

So I think we will see some enterprise reporting and Data Governance projects this year 😀


Exasol Alumni

Those topics are definitely 'evergreen' and just don't go away but I would hope that as data analytics evolves in your or any other organization, so do the themes of data governance, reliability and performance and what seemed to be complex 3 or 5 years ago, becomes much more trivial today and just a stepping stone to the next level




Team Exasol
Team Exasol

Thank you for your observations. I think it's inevitable that most organisations will face a tough operating environment in 2021. Given the economic and budgetary pressures , I think this will manifest itself in a concerted effort to drive more value from existing investments and that  new projects will face additional scrutiny - especially when it comes to the business case and return on investment. But you also make an interesting point; the industry does cycle through certain phases, and for you this takes the form of a focus on governance, reliability and performance - perhaps driven by a need to secure and firm up the foundations. The cyclical nature fits the analogy I often like to use - that the IT industry can often be described as a fashion industry - it's probably just as fickle too.