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Unable to access Python libraries via BucketFS


Hi all,

We are currently trying to set up a process in which we can run a Python script via Exasol, and to do this we are hoping to use UDFs.
We've set up a BucketFS, and have started to load Python libraries into it, but what we are struggling with is loading the libraries from BucketFS into our Python script. The test script we have written is attached, along with the error we are getting, and the contents of the BucketFS that we are pointing to.

We have tested that the sys.path output definitely points to bucketfs and has the correct files in it, but for some reason we can't get the script to find the patsy library.

We've tried this with a few different library files and can't get it to work. Is it possible we are calling the library in the incorrect way? Any help would be much appreciated.

Import libraries script and errorImport libraries script and error

List of files in BucketFS (got using Python LS script from EXAcademy Advanced Analytics course)List of files in BucketFS (got using Python LS script from EXAcademy Advanced Analytics course)



Hi all, through trial and error we have fixed this internally 🙂 Below is the solution for anyone who is struggling in the future: we needed to navigate to a lower file level and remove the '/*' from the file path.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Glad to see you got it figured out! 

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