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Thursday Read: Analytics vs. Arts?

Exasol Alumni

Dear Community, (may be I should call it Friday Read)

this article by Sabina Weston in IT Pro made me think. My daughter just finished school and will pick up her studies later this year. So the decision which direction to take is something we discuss quite a lot. When I review the careers of many of our customer speakers I realize that the younger they are the more specialized they are. Where the more senior ones started way out of IT and then got dragged into the 'trade' by chance, today most of them grow up in analytics and start python in kindergarten as it seems. So I wonder, do we loose a broader view on the world, when we specialize and venture into IT earlier? Or will it help to accelerate as we avoid meandering. What is the right balance. Read for yourself here:


I hope you enjoy the read and it triggers some thoughts of your own. Happy if you want to share them.