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Strong Passwords for EXAoperation


Hello Community,


maybe some of you came accross this same topic and can help.


We want to improve security standards for our environment. Therefore we want to set up a security policy with password complexity (e.g. at least 12 characters, 1 upper letter, 1 number, ...) for internal users in EXAoperation for the cluster administration.


Is there a way to change these settings? Ist it possible to implement custom security policies for internal users in EXAoperation?


Kind Regards,




Team Exasol
Team Exasol


Let me check with our technical team and report back.

Thank you

Team Exasol
Team Exasol

I apologize. You were asking about EXAOperations, not the database.

Rising Star

There are also a variety of non-critical jquery and other issues with ExOperation related to old libraries - security scans act up a bit.  Hopefully the libraries are updated in the next release.

Team Exasol
Team Exasol

Hello Community.

Coming right to the point, there are no policies to control EXAOperation passwords, and it's not going to change, as EXAOperation is currently being phased out as deprecated. It was based on Python 2 and going forward, we will be using Python 3. See https://www.exasol.com/portal/display/DOWNLOAD/7.1 and look for the yellow "Attention" sign.

On the positive side, there is going to be a UI replacement for EXAOperations, which will be rolled out in the future as part of our NGA version of Exasol. When the new NGA UI becomes available, we will announce it publically. You can either check the download link provided for the current status or contact your Exasol SDM for the latest information on the NGA UI rollout. 


Thank you and best regards!