Sneakpreview on Version 7 - Datavault - Hashtype

Community Manager
Community Manager

As we are nearing the GA of Exasol V7, we want to give the more technical users a view into how you can work with some of the new features.

@exa-Uwe our Trainer has compiled some videos to showcase a few of the changes. A mayor topic of Version 7 is an improved support for Datavault.

See this video for the use of Hashtypes in Exasol:
If you want to test Exasol V7? Get it as an Exasol Community Edition here:

Please share your experiences and questions under the artikel.

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Quick question...

If I'm using real GUIDs or pieces of them (0-F), do I need to recreate the columns?  Can I just update the data type with a MODIFY statement?


Team Exasol
Team Exasol

You can use a MODIFY statement for that 😊.
Short example:

create or replace table a(x char(36) ascii);
insert into a values 'a7b38db6-d985-42ca-a3ba-cc78c3d5bc2f';
alter table a modify column x hashtype(16 byte);