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Reduce/Detach EBS Volume on EC2


Hi there,

I deployed a single node Exasol Instane on aws using deployment wizard (https://docs.exasol.com/cloud_platforms/aws/cloud_wizard.htm).

After the deployment, there two EBS Volumes attached to my EC2 instance. I would like to detach the smaller volume and reduce the size of the bigger one. Generally, this is possible via snapshots + sudo operations, after logging in into my instance (see https://medium.com/@m.yunan.helmy/decrease-the-size-of-ebs-volume-in-your-ec2-instance-ea326e951bce). Unfortunately,  I am not able to login into my instance after setting up (it is only possible wie EXAoperations, not via putty). No one of the defined user + passwords + ssh keys seems to work, when trying to login vie Putty.

Is there an alternative way to reduce the attached EBS volume or to login into the EC2 Instance?




Exasol Alumni

Hi @magarb ,

Unfortunately, Exasol does not support reducing the size of the EBS volumes. You can log in via ssh user and change partition size, but it might cause issues on your system. We will post a new article in the community to explain how to manage disks on AWS single-node/cluster deployment soon.

Regarding login via Putty, you can open a ticket to Exasol support and we would be happy to help you. 



We had similar question that we asked the support team. Based on the recommendations, we are going to perform the following steps to reduce the EBS volumes. We haven't tried this yet but that's the plan we are going to follow.

1. Take backup of existing system

2. Launch brand new cluster

3. Restore backup on the new cluster

4. Remove the old cluster