Python Exasol virtual schema now available on github


Hi @exa-Tobias & @drumcircle ,

I finally got around to open sourcing our python port of the Exasol Java Virtual Schema Adapter 

It's available at

It supports most of the capabilities of the Java one including remote and local Exasol schemas.

Our main goal in porting it to python was to speed it up (it's ~ 1s faster per query).

We also added support for multi-schema multi-tenancy.  The idea is that if you have multiple identical schemas in Exasol (one per tenant) you can create a virtual schema on top of them using this adapter and they will appear as a single schema with all the data union-ed together (with an extra virtual column to identify the tenant). This is handy for queries that need to span multiple identical schemas.





Team Exasol
Team Exasol

Hi @PeterK,

thank you for open sourcing your very cool implementation of a virtual schema!

This showcases how a multi-tenant implementation using a schema per tenant can be easily accessed via a virtual schema.