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Provide S4 Hana Data in Exasol


After I created the connection, I tried using it in my sql command the following way :

SELECT tbl.*
IMPORT FROM JDBC AT saphana_connection STATEMENT '
SELECT current_date from dummy;
' ) as tbl;


And this is the error I keep getting :

[Code: 0, SQL State: ETL-5] JDBC-Client-Error: Connecting to 'jdbc:sap://************:port/DS4' as user='BI_ODBC_R' failed: SAP DBTech JDBC: Cannot connect to jdbc:sap://*******:port/DS4 [Cannot connect to host ************/*******:port[java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused], -813.]. (Session: 1728646722863890432)


When I tried this on dbeaver, it works and the connection was successful. Please advise !


Team Exasol
Team Exasol

Hi @hadilamiri 

Reasons might be at least

  1. firewalls that block or abort connections,
  2. missing network routes,
  3. temporary network issues,
  4. missing DNS entries, etc.

You could start from checking connectivity from Exasol data nodes to the target host by means of scripts from Check connectibility of EXASolution to external network services.