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New Release & Product News Page

Exasol Alumni

Dear community, 

We launched the latest version of Exasol. Please read more about this release in this overview: https://www.exasol.com/resource/insights-exasol-7-1-release/

For insight beyond the pure Change Logs and GitHub release lists, our Product Management Team will now also provide regular update summaries and release notes on this Product News page. You'll get condensed information about the latest releases and an overview of the most important news from our Development teams.

To make this information easier to review, we also updated the look and feel of the page, which now has three sections: Product Blog, Changelog, and GitHub.

New Product News Page.JPG

What can you find in these sections?

-> Product Blog

Articles are written by our product managers that summarize the latest releases. The content can range from monthly highlights, to releases, to articles explaining functionalities. You can ask questions and directly communicate with our PM Team. 

-> Changelog

An excerpt of our Product Download Pages, offering a fast overview of: 

  • new featuresNew Feature.png ,
  • improvementsImprovement.png
  • fixes Fix.png

for all of our supported versions, such as 6.2, 7.0, and now 7.1


-> GitHub

Previously the main section of the Product Blog got a bit cluttered with the pace of releases. You will now see an up-to-date stream dating back one or two months that directly links to GitHub. In addition, the Product Management team will create in-depth monthly highlight articles in the product blog, so you won't miss anything crucial.


What's the reason for the change?

It was time to review and clean up the content, and give the page a new look. We also thought wanted to provide more and deeper information about releases. We rely on your feedback to keep improving, and are happy to work with the Product Management Team to provide these and other changes down the road.

What do you think about the new product news page?


Best regards,