(Late) Thursday Read: 'Reskilling' the Workforce

Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear Community,

after a very full Thursday, please find enclosed the link our second Thursday Read.

I am in the IT and BI Industry for roughly 20 years now and have seen quite a few changes, the last flicker of Mainframe Systems. Reports Faxed or Printed and Carried around in the 'Daily Post' on a cart. Excel, ERP Reporting, the development of Enterprise BI and later Self Service. Each iteration brought broader groups of users and sometimes more complicated (but nicer to look at) reporting. Data and Data analytics are the core of enterprises now. In his blog our CDO Peter Jackson shared his thoughts about the need to reskill the Workforce to better cope with the upcoming changes.
How do you train your workforce, and what are the key skills you are training? Simply understanding the numbers or tools or full scale sQL/R/Python?
And here is the link to the Blog Article: https://www.exasol.com/resource/insights-never-stop-learning-about-the-power-of-data/



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