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It's special Badge time...

Exasol Alumni

Dear Users,

Gamefication is a big driver in the online world and makes you do things you would normally not think about. Personally I rode more than six hours on a weekend just to get the lousy missing last route badge in Zwift... stupid what you do just to complete the list.

Same thing works in the Exasol community. There are more than 20 individual badges you can achieve, way more 😉 . Some you get by just hanging around like the "Welcome Back" - Badge.

Others are earned by activities in the community. Who has earned the 5***** Kudos badge yet? Or the Ideas Badge?

But there are also those where we connect the outside world with the Community. Those are awarded when you complete something.

Exasol Training Badges: those can be assigned by the Training Team when you have passed one of the trainings in Exacademy

and now completely new, the Usergroup Speaker Badge

When you have spoken on one of the Exasol Usergroups in real life or virtually you should have now received a shiny orange new badge...


Look out for those badges, the wearers really know their Exasol Stuff.

Keep hunting


P.S. If you should have a badge but don't see it in your profile... let me know