Installing Exasol Community on a Mac M1 with UTM


VirtualBox does NOT work on the M1 so I am having a hard time to install it.

Anyone has experience with Exasol community version on a m1 mac?

Or can anyone show me how to install it on UTM? 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Isacy, just a heads up, I have this question in discussion internally. Hope to have an answer if our Docker Installation could be a solution. May be a Demo Account in our Cloud could start you off for the moment? Rgds Christian

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Hi @lsacy ,

I´m definitely not "Team Apple" but I looked into this and sadly, while I´m on vacation, I can´t gear up the
Mac that I have floating around to an OS that would support UTM ( or Parallels, for that matter... ).

Once I´ll get my vintage Apple "up to date" I´ll try and see if I can get this to work, already read that OVA´s aren´t going to work out of the box - well, we´ll see - or did you by any chance already get it to work or have a workable alternative ?