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Installing Exasol Community on a Mac M1 with UTM


VirtualBox does NOT work on the M1 so I am having a hard time to install it.

Anyone has experience with Exasol community version on a m1 mac?

Or can anyone show me how to install it on UTM? 



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Hi Isacy, just a heads up, I have this question in discussion internally. Hope to have an answer if our Docker Installation could be a solution. May be a Demo Account in our Cloud could start you off for the moment? https://www.exasol.com/test-it-now/cloud/#community Rgds Christian


Hi @lsacy ,

I´m definitely not "Team Apple" but I looked into this and sadly, while I´m on vacation, I can´t gear up the
Mac that I have floating around to an OS that would support UTM ( or Parallels, for that matter... ).

Once I´ll get my vintage Apple "up to date" I´ll try and see if I can get this to work, already read that OVA´s aren´t going to work out of the box - well, we´ll see - or did you by any chance already get it to work or have a workable alternative ?




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Hi @lsacy ,

I got some feedback from our developers. It should be possible
"You need to emulate a x86 machine on top of the M1/ARM mac. This should be possible with qemu. However this is a different beast than launching stuff in VirtualBox (you need to install qemu with hombrew, convert the image, get the qemu config right, ...). And as already mentioned, it is not running native. Should be fine for a test database, but not if you want to test for performance."

This feels a lot like, possible but don't do it 😉 I know, not the best answer, but may be we can connect via DM and we find a different way for you to trial Exasol



I see there has not been a recent post on this topic.  I have recently installed VMware fusion on M1 Mac and it works fine with several other Databases (mysql and Postgres) and I have also been able to get both those working via docker.  Is there any new development on Exasol on M1/arm in either a VM using VMware or Docker that works ?


Morning all,

I managed to get Exasol working on my Macbook Pro (Apple M1 Pro chip) via UTM! 

What I needed to do:

  1. Downloaded the Exasol Community Edition OVA EXASOL-Single-Node-7.1.4.ova
  2. Extracted the files to expose the virtual machine disk EXASolo-7.1.4-disk1.vmdk using the TAR command in terminal tar -xvf EXASOL-Single-Node-7.1.4.ova
  3.  Converted the virtual machine disk from VMDK to QCOW2 format using qemu-img (note: I installed qemu via brew to have access to this command but I think other options are available) qemu-img convert -O qcow2 EXASolo-7.1.4-disk1.vmdk EXASolo-7.1.4-disk1.qcow2
  4. Setup the UTM configuration as:
    1. System
      • Memory = 12288 MB 
      • Show Advance Settings > UEFI Boot = FALSE, CPU = Icelake-Client, CPU Cores = 4, Force Multicore = TRUE
    1. Drives
      • Import Drive > Browse and import the EXASolo-7.1.4-disk1.qcow2
      • New Drive > Interface = IDE and Size = 20GB 
  5. Start up the Virtual Machine in UTM and you should get a boot option for CentOS Linux, press enter and then it will start the boot process for the OS
  6. Wait and you should see the familiar blue screen, this will show as "Initializing... Automatic refresh in 5 seconds" (this took about 5 minutes for me but your configuration could be different). 
  7. This is followed by "EXASolution will start soon... Automatic refresh in 5 seconds" continue to wait for the database to be operational (again this could take another 5-10 minutes, be patient as I had to learn!).
  8. Finally you should see the configuration screen with details to connect to the Exasol database and EXAOperation confirming its ready to be used, woohoo! 


I loaded 8 million rows into it without problem and was able to run aggregates etc. 


As a disclaimer - I'm unsure if this is the most performant setup and I haven't altered any of the EXAOperation settings which may improve performance, but it does run on the M1 Mac which was the main aim.

Happy for feedback or advice on how to improve on this! 


Some screenshots:

UTM Config - SystemUTM Config - SystemUTM Config - DrivesUTM Config - DrivesUTM - CentOS StartingUTM - CentOS Starting








UTM - StartingUTM - StartingUTM - Starting EXASolutionUTM - Starting EXASolutionUTM - ReadyUTM - Ready








Query Exasol!Query Exasol!







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VMware Fusion beta has recently been released.  Is there not a way to use this virtualisation to get Exasol running on Apple M1 (risk) architecture ?



@gustav_piater - I can't say for sure as not an expert in virtualisation but the VMWare Fusion Tech for M1 only seems to offer 64-bit ARM OS emulation currently and in April '21 they didn't plan on developing x86 architecture (see below).

UTM (with Qemu underneath) allows you to select which architecture you want to emulate and for the current Exasol Community offerings, its x86 only I think. 


From VMWare Blog:

"Well, the short answer is that there isn’t exactly much business value relative to the engineering effort that is required, at least for the time being. For now, we’re laser focused on making Arm Linux VMs on Apple silicon a delight to use.

So, to be a bit blunt, running x86 operating systems on Apple silicon is not something we are planning to deliver with this project. Installing Windows or Linux from an x86 ISO, for example, will not work."



These are the choices I see with VMWare Fusion Tech Preview, all of which are ARM 64-bit:

Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 15.14.43.png

Data Consultant at Dixi Data Ltd | Building strategic data assets and services for your organisation


Thank for the quick response and feedback.  I will look into the UTM solution/option for now. I was hoping in can standardise on one virtualisation solution, and maybe it needs to be UTM for ARM and X86 apps on the M1 and not VMWare Fusion :).  


The installation and using UTM has worked and I can access the DB, create schema's but have been unable to load data into the schema. It seems like it is the actual local file read that is generating the issue and not the write into the DB, but im not a programmer and trying to help myself with " google-coding".  

 The error im getting is as follows :

Simple import statement :


from LOCAL CSV FILE '/Users/gustavpiater/work/WeatherDim.csv' (1..15)



but the error returned is as follows : 

SQL Error [42636]: java.sql.SQLException: ETL-5105: Following error occured while reading data from external connection [ failed after 0 bytes. [OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to ],[35],[SSL connect error]] (Session: 1721855697754521600) while executing 'import into GUS_DEMO.IOWAWEATHERDIM from CSV AT '' FILE 'b196dfb1-f495-43cb-a745-3eadf2818715' (1..15) COLUMN SEPARATOR = ';' ROW SEPARATOR = 'CRLF';'; 04509 java.sql.SQLException: java.io.IOException: Exception in connect: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class com.exasol.jdbc.importExport.KeyManager (in unnamed module @0x4a27dd) cannot access class sun.security.x509.X500Name (in module java.base) because module java.base does not export sun.security.x509 to unnamed module @0x4a27dd