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Increase node_count in Exasol


Hi All,

We are using Exaplus as an editor for Exasol. And we are seeing downtime for the users while we scheduled many pipelines at the same time (Which is needed). So, how can we increase the nodes in exasol, or Is there any other workaround to resolve this issue?

Thanks in Advance,



Hey hemanthsch,

with downtime for the users you mean a user running a current session in Exaplus gets a timeout or something or is running out of memory? Or that taks and executions that you have scheduled outside the DB itself with airflow or another scheduling tool stops because the connection is interrupted?

If it is something like this described above I do not think that adding a node to your Exasol Cluster will solve this probem here. What kind of cluster are you running at the moment (2+1, 4+1)? 

If you want to increase the size of your Cluster and add nodes you can follow this instruction by Exasol for an on-prem installation : https://docs.exasol.com/administration/aws/manage_database/add_nodes_to_database.htm

But normaly you add nodes for reasons of scaling and performance and not for a stable connection. Only the reserve node which automatically gets activated if a node fails and replace this node so that the DB will not stop could do something for a stable connection. 

Is this what you meant by increasing the nodes or do you mean something different?

Kind regards



Exasol Alumni

Hi  @hemanthsch,

Thank you for your question. Did @jens_areto's answer help you or do you need further assistance? Let us know!

Kind regards,