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Import SQLite into ExaSol



I want to import an small SQLite database file into a dedicated Schema into Exasol.

What is the most straight forward way to do this?

Should I use the IMPORT command, like:

IMPORT FROM JDBC DRIVER = sqlite AT connection

Or is there already a predefined routine in Exasol?


Team Exasol
Team Exasol

Hi @trenz ,

As far as I understand, SQLite is often used in serverless variant.

In that case IMPORT through CONNECTION will not work, as file resides on client machine and is only accessible through client machine file system.

If you want to use FROM LOCAL FILE clause, you might need to export the contents of your SQLite DB to CSV / FBV files.

One more option is to write a program in a programming language of choice where you connect to your SQLite DB and then transfer data to Exasol via one of available drivers: https://docs.exasol.com/connect_exasol/drivers.htm