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IDEA spotlight 12/2021


Dear community,

´tis the season for wishing for things big and small, so here is my spotlight~wish for us all:


To not go all Dr. Seuss on you, here are a few more serious notes on why this is something that at least I ( and from a look
at the comments maybe also @hfuegl1 , thanks for asking for an update 😊 ) think should be part of the product:

- Taking a look around at other systems, it´s kind of a given ( HANA can do it, Snowflake can do it to a certain extent, Oracle can do it...you get the idea )
- Not having to think on how you set your backup points and just living in the certainty that if you positively, definitely need to revert your system to a prior state, you can just do that and be done with it is something that gives you a lot more certainty in case of errors/failures.
- Looking at the timestamp of the IDEA I´d say: it´s about time 😉

I did hear a few things regarding the matter and would really love for this to become a feature that works on every Exasol DB out there - so here´s to making a wish 😉.

Seeing as we are approaching the end of another eventful year, let me just tell all of you that I´ve enjoyed all of your comments and upvotes immensely, so thank you for that and keep´em coming !

And for my closing remarks: "Merry Christmas" ( aut idem ), "Happy New Year" and stay safe everyone, looking forward to seeing all of you next year ( virtual or otherwise )