IDEA spotlight 11/2021


Dear community,

it apparently is "that time of the month, again", so here´s another IDEA that I´d like to see implemented - and who knows, with your help, maybe it will 😉

This time I´d like to highlight something that came up quite a while ago, but since yesterday we again had a Exasol UserGroup in Vienna ( albeit for some of us like myself this was "only" a virtual session ) here´s an IDEA that also came up in Vienna , just a few months back:

The idea here ( no pun intended ) is, that if your schema and join paths are sufficiently heterogenous the databse optimizer 
(either the default or the experimental variety ) may end up with some poor choices regarding its join path or it´s scan table.
The IDEA outlines how this might be handled so we don´t end up executing a profile that won´t finish anyways.

So there you have it, the spotlighted IDEA for November - I´ve already something on my wishlist ( given the season ) for December, so if you enjoyed these sneak peaks into the realms of IDEAS, keep your eyes peeled and do check out the IDEA part of the community regularly 😉

As an honorary mention, since this came "fresh out of Vienna" yesterday: if you are among those who do like the PIVOT/UNPIVOT SQL-syntax, here´s a link to ( as of this writing ) the latest addition to the IDEAs :

Have a great weekend ( or if you are reading this on monday: a great start into the week ).



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Malte,

thanks for this. Let me nudge @exa-Tobias @exa-ThomasB for a comment.




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This would be very helpful while migrating from SQLServer, which already have a PIVOT / UNPIVOT function.