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IDEA spotlight 10/2021


Dear community,

since my "self-imposed cooldown" ( details here ) for community internal advertising is up and I haven´t as of yet received any "cease and desist" from the moderators, here´s another idea that I´d like you all to check out ( and vote for, of course, if you agree it´s a good one )  :


There are of course many other interesting and valuable ideas in the ideas portal and I´ll be limiting my spotlight posts
to a single one so chances are you could find something that´s even more dear to your heart if you´d stroll about 😉 .

Perhaps interesting to others beside me: there are ideas with few votes that found their way into the product while
others with more votes remain yet to be implemented - there´s of course the topic of "many people wishing for the impossible" vs. "a few wishing for something easily implementable" but I was wondering: do we as community members
have some kind of measurement ( quantifiable, preferably ) as to how close an idea is to coming into focus on the
implementation teams side or how many more votes it would take to "move up into focus" ?
@exa-MathiasHo , @exa-Chris , maybe you could weigh in on this ? Or get someone to weigh in ? 😉


P.S.: Extra-kudos ( or would that be Exa-kudos ? ) to @exa-Alfons who earlier today already voted for the idea spotlighted here while this post was still on my imaginary drawing board.


Exasol Alumni

Hi Malte, 

Actually, I like to have a monthly spotlight on an idea of an Xpert. Therefore, I called off the "cease and desist" for now. 😉 

About your question(s): We don't have a number of upvotes an idea needs to "move up into focus". As you already mentioned, there are many different reasons why an idea will or will not be implemented. In the end, each idea is being looked at and evaluated by our product management. Obviously, in that process ideas with a higher number of votes/Kudos will naturally have a bigger impact than, for example, an idea with no votes. 

Sorry, that this might not be the answer you were looking for. Nevertheless, this discussion is not closed, neither in this thread nor internally. That's why I would like to hear other opinions or suggestions as well.

Anybody else wants to chime in here, @drumcircle@Charlie?


@exa-MathiasHo : no problem, part of the motivation behind the question was to get the ball rolling on this discussion 😉

Exasol Alumni

Good Morning @mwellbro ,

thank you for the feedback. We actually had our global Product Meeting in HQ this week, and part of this was also a discussion about a better process and visibility for the Ideation and clearer communication about the product roadmap.

I will suggest to include this topic in our next Xperts Call. @exa-Tobias @exa-ThomasB 
What do you think?