How to install Exasol's provider package in Airflow?


Hi all,

I have installed Airflow locally and want to connect to an existing Exasol DB. I am not familiar with using Docker and Docker Compose. However, the plain Airflow installation on Docker Compose worked (as written in the Airflow documentation: run "docker-compose up airflow-init"). For installing the Exasol provider package, the documentation just states that you should use "pip install apache-airflow-providers-exasol" to get the provider package - but where to put this command? When I try to run it from the docker container "flower", I get connection errors.

Alternatively, is it possible to install the provider package for Exasol already with the base installation of Airflow?

Thanks for any help!



Hi AyaR,

I´m a total novice when it comes to docker and airflow so take this with a grain of salt, but if I understand you correctly you attach to your docker instance and run the pip within it, right ? Maybe this applies in your case:


On November 2020, new version of PIP (20.3) has been released with a new, 2020 resolver. This resolver does not yet work with Apache Airflow and might lead to errors in installation - depends on your choice of extras. In order to install Airflow you need to either downgrade pip to version 20.2.4 pip install --upgrade pip==20.2.4 or, in case you use Pip 20.3, you need to add option --use-deprecated legacy-resolver to your pip install command.


Did you try the proposed "downgrade-options" for pip ?

Also, could you share the exact error message ? Maybe it´s as "simple" as a network issue regarding the docker instance "talking" to pip...



Thank you very much for this detailed answer.