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Get out there and vote ?


TL;DR: just click here ( not sure if the link works, if not - follow the link below in the post ) if you´d like to vote for the IDEA that Exasol should preserve grants on CREATE-or-REPLACE [...].


Hi there,

as the discussion forum isn´t the proper place to "advertise" IDEAS (that´s what the "Ideation"-section is for, of course) I´m not dishing out posts referring to IDEAs I consider particularly relevant on a regular basis - I do however want to use this opportunity ( maybe I´ll use a self-imposed "cooldown" for post like this, say...no more than once a month 😉  ) as the status of this one here ( https://community.exasol.com/t5/ideas/quot-create-or-replace-quot-should-preserve-grants-when/idi-p/... ) is "Comments Requested" to draw your attention to it.

This most certainly has nothing to do - at all - with the last comment I added to the idea
and the threshold mentioned therein *wink* ).


Wishing all of you a pleasant upcoming weekend !



Exasol Alumni

Hi Malte, 

Thank you for highlighting that idea. We will make sure that this idea is being pushed through the other status as well. I'm pinging the Product Management team as we speak.  

I also wish you a great weekend!