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Friday Question: What is your BI/DWH Department Setup

Exasol Alumni

I recently got asked how the structure of our Community team is and how we will change it over time.

This reminded me of the different setup of BI and DWH Teams I have seen in the past 15 Years. From central to departemental, and a full circle back. As company wide data literacy is also a hot topic, we wondered what the status is in your organisation.

  • How big is your BI or DWH Team? Are there different departments for BI and DWH?
  • Where does the BI/DWH Team report to? CIO or into one of the other departments? Are there multiple DWH Team?
  • What is your biggest challenge these days? Recruiting? Educating the Departments? Budgets?
  • Do you currently see an effort to go central or de-central or something completely else?

I would love to hear from you



At Blocket, we have a mostly central "Insights & Analytics" team, split internally between Analytics / BI & Engineering.

  • Currently there are 9 of us, with 2 Data Engineers, 6 Analysts & our manager
  • We're part of the product organization, with our manager reporting to the "Chief Offering Officer".. but since we're a part of the larger Schibsted organization, there are, uh, no less than 3 layers of CEOs above *that* if I read our org chart right 😅
  • I'd say that our challenge is an even split between trying to instill a more data-driven mindset, recruiting new colleagues, and finding other ways to scale
  • I'm not really seeing any serious efforts to decentralize, but there *are* at least 2-3 analysts sitting in other parts of the org, that we have close cooperation with, and try to support

Personally I do think that moving more towards something that looks like a distributed data mesh would be one of the best ways to scale, but that probably isn't happening anytime soon here though.

How about the rest of you? 😄


In our organization we aim for flexibility and aren't centralized or decentralized exclusively. We have a smallish BI team of half-a-dozen. We provide training and support for larger organizational departments that wish to manage their own BI. And we handle all the work for smaller departments that don't want to do it themselves.

Often it comes down to whether or not there are individuals who are passionate about data on the various teams. I think enabling and encouraging those people who are passionate about data is more efficient then trying to get everybody to "do data" whether they are interested or not.