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Extracting Metadata for Schemas in a database


Hello All,


Is there any easy way to extract meta data of a database (including all schemas) or extract meta data for few schemas in Exasol? 

I tried this KB https://community.exasol.com/t5/database-features/database-metadata-backup-concept/ta-p/1731 but I'm newbie to Exasol so not sure how to  perform this.

Any ideas?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @vidhyasagar , most SQL clients also offer this ability. In DBVisualizer, for example, you can right click on your schema and choose "EXPORT SCHEMA". With these settings, you can export the entire DDL of the schema into a file (not including the data, but you could also include data if you wanted). 


Other DB clients have similar actions (I'm sure @Charlie will jump in and tell me how to do this in DBeaver 😉 )

The KB article you mentioned performs the same actions essentially, but it's for the entire database, and stores the metadata into a tar.gz file and also provides a method to restore the metadata with one command. Since the bash script is running in Linux, you have to have some linux-knowhow to get it setup and install Exaplus CLI on the linux machine. Let me know if you want to explore that further, and I'd be happy to help.


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Thanks @exa-Nico for your inputs. Yeah I can do this through clients but I cannot automate them through CI/CD process. I'm following the KB article to get the DDL.  Half way through, the next step for me is to figure out the difference between the script and the script in repo so that I'll get only the changes that need to get applied to the server. Is there anything build in already with Exasol?




we went to write a custom python program that extracts and compares the definition of the schemas/databases and synchronizes the definitions.

As far as I understood this would be exactly the kind of program you would need.

As our company has a strict policy regarding sharing of code I'm not allowed to publish this on github.

I'm very sorry for that.