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Elastic Search virtual schema

Rising Star

Is anyone working on a virtual schema for Elastic Search now that they released a JDBC driver?

If you wanted to apply filtering or joins on the results of a free-text search, would you nest the virtual schemas like this?

Exasol JDBC ->

      Elastic VS -> JDBC Elastic -> Apply searchTerm filter predicate

           Exasol VS -> Local -> Apply restrictions on docID or whatever





Team Exasol
Team Exasol

Hi @drumcircle,

AWS is a field where we want to have high coverage, so sooner than later we will cover ES. As you mentioned, there is a JDBC driver available. Writing a Virtual Schema dialect based on our virtual-schema-common-jdbc is pretty straight forward.

Of course you can always stack Virtual Schemas on top of each other. Just remember that there is a startup-time cost involved with running a UDF (and as you know that is what powers the VS adapters) and that cost sums up.

Kind regards,