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DB REST-API tools supporting EXASOL


I am looking for DB REST-API generating tools supporting EXASOL - if possible at no or low license costs.

DreamFactory would be an excellent tool but with high license costs and supporting many databases but not Exasol.

Feature wishes:

  • Support for different sql databases (including EXASOL) with mesh functionality (join over different database types)
  • different authentication providers (outside EXASOL)
  • role-based authorization
  • volume-limiting restriction possibilities (throtteling)
  • audit/access logs
  • lightweight installation (docker, servlet-container like tomcat, ...)
  • with design studio (no coding - except maybe sql)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @dstreun I don't think it's exactly what you're looking for, but we do have a REST API project in Github (currently in Alpha):


Hope that helps a bit! 

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Thanks for the hint. Yes, we saw this project but it's in alpha status and does not fit our requirements.

Team Exasol
Team Exasol

@dstreun   The only open source tool I am aware of which might fulfill some of your requirments is teiid 

It has exasol support (http://teiid.github.io/teiid-documents/13.1.x/content/reference/Exasol_Translator.adoc )

Here is a simple example for mysql:



Thanks for the hint. Teiid seems to be a useful tool for our needs.

Unfortunately, maintenance and releases for Teiid stopped by end of december 2020. Teiid is now part of Red Hat Fuse (see Teiid history page https://teiid.io/about/history/ ) and as such no longer free (except for a trial period)!