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Datavault in Exasol

Exasol Alumni

Dear Community,

second question. Currently our customer is using Data Vault on Exasol. What would be best practices on Exasol.

I can see a few webinars and articles, but I guess there are true Experts here that can add to that

@Petr or may be also @exa-Reinhard 

Thank you for your help




Hi Chris

My first advice is always to use a Model-Driven approach. Start with the business model and generate all the technical implementation. But you would expect that from me working for the Datavault Builder DWH automation tool manufacturer.

Specific for Exasol: use the correct data type for the hash columns in hubs (HASHTYPE). They do help to achieve the best performance.

For accessing the Data Vault: use in a first version always virtual interfaces (i.e. views). It is possible to keep much more virtualized compared to other databases. Only materialize this information later if necessary (i.e. for auditability or performance reasons).

All other aspects would be general Data Vault advice like not applying any business logic between staging and data vault layer. Also, don't forget your tracking satellites. And if I haven't mentioned it yet: use an automation tool like the Datavault Builder 🙂



Exasol Alumni

Hi @khruzins , would this help? Petr would also be available for a DM I guess. Rgds Christian