Data Vault on Exasol


I"ve first became aware of Exasol about the same time I became aware of Data Vault.  I spoke with Dan Linstedt about his methodology in 2010.  I also began following Exasol at that time, thanks to Curt Monash's website / blog "DBMS2".  I have been reading Eva Murray's articles on the strength of the two technologies.  When I was building Data Warehouses with Oracle a decade or two ago, Oracle realized the necessity of 'bitmap join indexes' for large start schema optimization.  The more tables you join, the more important these become.  One reason Exasol and Data Vault are made for each other is Exasol's automatic creation and maintenance of join indexes.  When you join 5-10 times as many tables to create a result-set to satisfy a query, the join indexes are indispensable.  I've been working with Data Vault and Exasol together for about 5 years.  There is no better platform for Data Vault.  I've tested many of them 🙂



You are totally right!

And with the new Hash Data Types and the Join Optimizations of Version 7 it will just get better. 😀