Best security practices guide and/or sheet.


Hi all, 


I need to check all my Exasol databases v. 6.2 under CentOS Linux Release 7.5 in the company to chase security gaps, so a document with the best security practices would be welcome!

I have only found inside doc, this short pieces of them, but not enough by far!

Do you kwown if any official document exists?



Team Exasol
Team Exasol

Hi @martinhe,

We are currently working on this guide as there is nothing like that yet. I would like to have a deliverable by the end of CW43.

Hope this helps.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @martinhe - maybe some information in the Planning Guide would help? Exactly what aspects regarding security are you looking for? Can you give some examples?

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there are many settings to check in an audit security process, so, for instance, security gaps in installation, auditing failing login's, packages with excesive permissions granted, and so on and so on ... 😉

That is the point. I need a doc which gathers all these weak points to avoid an external attack.