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Announcing the Rust Exasol driver


Hello everybody,

I am the author of the exasol library crate, a 3rd party Exasol driver for Rust, and I just released v0.3.2 which pretty much includes all the features that Py-Exasol has. So at this point I'd like to get it battletested. The crate has a decent amount of tests and documentation, but in case there are areas that can be better explained please let me know.

I would love to see people use it and provide feedback of any kind. Also, contributions are more than welcome.

Thanks 🙂 !

EDIT: Updated from v0.3.1 because I just noticed and fixed a bug related to result sets getting double closed.


Team Exasol
Team Exasol

@bobozaur   This looks like a great contribution. Thanks a lot for your hard work.


It is nice to see pyexasol was helpful to develop libraries in other languages. It was one of its main purposes, since the source code of JDBC / ODBC drivers are not available and can only be reverse engineered.