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A Break from Exasol

Exasol Alumni

Hi everybody, 

it's Friday! To celebrate the end of the week, let's talk about anything you want! This doesn't have to be related to Exasol (of course it can be if you want) or even Data in general.


Here are some examples:

I for myself am a big tv show nerd. So, do you need a new tv show to watch and want me to give you some recommendations? Let me know! 

What was the last technological achievement you got? I got a Google Pixel 4a last week and so far I'm pretty happy. Weirdly enough I had big troubles adjusting to the keyboard of the iPhone. Somehow my fingers always landed on the wrong letters. 😅


Have a great Friday everybody!



I would like to order one tv show recommendation please.

Some shows I watched and really appreciated:

* American Gods

* Lucifer

* The Witcher

* The Expanse

* Dirk Gently


Best technological achievement in the past month was a Nintendo Switch with Ring Fit.

I got this from my wife as a birthday present and my back pain is almost entirety gone.

Exasol Alumni

Great Initiative:

Good TV Shows are so hard to find. Seems that during Corona nothing new came out. @Charlie, if you liked American Gods. May be Good Omens is something, co written by Neil Gayman and Terry Pratchett. And Motherland was quite nice.

Personal technological achievement of the month? Cycling related, as manual work is the perfect alternative to brain work in the office.
- Completely taking apart my Trekking Bike, and rebuild it with some upgraded components. So satisfying to undo, clean and then reassemble.
Trekking Bike.jpg

- Setting up my roadbike with Tubeless tires, was not so sure if it will keep the air. BUT IT DOES...
looking forward to hear your ideas

Exasol Alumni

Hi @Charlie ,

to give you only ONE tv show recommendation is really difficult.


Black Mirror: Miniseries with completed stories each episode. Grim dystopian scenarios showing how technology could change our future. Please disregard the shocking content of episode 1, even though it's still good.

Umbrella Academy: Funny, weird, quirky, and violent/brutal with superpowers.

Dark: Not at all funny. The title actually captures it pretty well. Nothing to snooze off, you need to focus to keep track of everything but it's worth it! Time Traveling involved! Actually, one of the best series finishing strong.

The Boys: Making fun of the superheroes tropes and celebrating the genre at the same time. That's my favorite brain-off-show right now.

Mr. Robot: Maybe you have heard of it? A very good drama about a hacker genius who is trying to change society (or burn it down to the ground) and at the same time is dealing with his own mental issues. 

I hope that helps?! We also got the Ring Fit but it's so hard to start a habit of using it/exercising. Please help! 


@exa-Chris  How often do you actually bike in real life if the season allows it?

Exasol Alumni

Easy one to answer thanks to Strava, restarted Cycling properly in 2017
2017 - 32 Rides
2018 - 106 (now with Zwift)
2019 - 126
2020 - 185 and 8.000k
2021 - 53 looks like a good year.

For those who are also on Zwift, we run a weekly Social Ride with a few colleagues. DM me to join us.