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A Big Thank You to the Xperts 2021

Exasol Alumni

Exasol Xperts 2021Exasol Xperts 2021

As the year comes to an End, its time to say a bigh thank you to our 2021 Xperts.

@littlekoi , @mwellbro , @PeterK , @tpetrik , @jwarlander@przemek , @Charlie , @ugamarkj 

It was a real pleaser to work with you this year and I really hope that we all can meet up in person in 2022.

The Community Team in the name of Exasol.




Many thanks for the great insights and the exciting Exasol user groups! 😍


Thank you for such a fun and exciting journey!

I've loved seeing Exasol and its ecosystem of connectors etc improve so much since I first got started back in 2017. Here's to hoping that the next 3-5 years bring even a greater pace of innovation!

Even if I don't work with Exasol in my new role as of the last few months, I'm watching from the sidelines, and maybe a new opportunity will come at some point 😎