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Tips and Tricks on using Exasol - from SQL and Lua Scripts to transactions and performance
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Background This article describes a way how to connect Spotfire to Exasol. Prerequisites Download the EXASOL JDBC driver and extract the exajdbc.jar How to connect Spotfire to Exasol Step 1 Copy the exajdbc.jar to to the Spotfire library directory, see the following link where this directory is located: Step 2 Restart the Spotfire Server so the EXASOL jdbc driver is loaded. Step 3 Start the Spotfire Server configuration tool Step 4 Go to the Configuration tab and create a new Data Source Template Step 5 In the Add data source template enter EXASOL as name and copy paste the following template: <jdbc-type-settings> <type-name>EXASOL</type-name> <driver>com.exasol.jdbc.EXADriver</driver> <connection-url-pattern>jdbc:exa:&lt;host&gt;:&lt;port&gt;;clientname=Spotfire;</connection-url-pattern> <ping-command>SELECT 1</ping-command> <supports-catalogs> false </supports-catalogs> <supports-schemas> true </supports-schemas> <java-to-sql-type-conversions> <type-mapping> <from max-length= "2000000" > String </from> <to>VARCHAR($$value$$)</to> </type-mapping> <type-mapping> <from> Integer </from> <to>DECIMAL(18,0)</to> </type-mapping> <type-mapping> <from> Long </from> <to>DECIMAL(36,0)</to> </type-mapping> <type-mapping> <from> Float </from> <to>REAL</to> </type-mapping> <type-mapping> <from> Double </from> <to>DOUBLE PRECISION</to> </type-mapping> <type-mapping> <from>Date</from> <to>DATE</to> </type-mapping> <type-mapping> <from>DateTime</from> <to>TIMESTAMP</to> </type-mapping> </java-to-sql-type-conversions> </jdbc-type-settings> Step 6 Save the config, close the configuration tool and restart the server Step 7 Check the logs if the XML config for EXASOL was validated correctly Step 8 Use the Information Designer tool in the Spotfire Analyst to create a new Data Source
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