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Tips and Tricks on using Exasol - from SQL and Lua Scripts to transactions and performance
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Problem IBM Unica Campaign with MySQL template [EXASOL] [EXASolution driver] syntax error, unexpected '<'   [line x, column y]  of  [EXASOL] [EXASolution driver] function or script ADDDATE not found   [line x, column y]  Unica generates SQL statements that are not identically supported by EXASolution. Solution Create a pre-processor script that adjusts the SQL statements to appropriate ones. CREATE OR REPLACE LUA SCRIPT DATAMART.PPSCRIPT_MYSQL RETURNS ROWCOUNT AS function unicaproc(sqltext) local tokens = sqlparsing.tokenize(sqltext) for i=1,#tokens do if string.upper(tokens[i]) == 'ADDDATE' then tokens[i] = 'ADD_DAYS' end if tokens[i] == '<' and string.upper(tokens[i+1]) == 'CURRENT_DATE' then tokens[i] = '' end if string.upper(tokens[i]) == 'UNSUPPORTED' and tokens[i+1] == '>' then tokens[i] = '' tokens[i+1] = '' end end return table.concat(tokens) end / Activate this preprocessor script for all Unica session or system wide: ALTER [SESSION|SYSTEM] SET sql_preprocessor_script=DATAMART.PPSCRIPT_MYSQL;
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