The scripts attached to this issue can be used to gather and export database usage statistics for databases in version 6.x.


We provide scripts for three different purposes:

  • 3rdLevelStatsIndices.sql: statistics on indices and database objects
  • 3rdLevelStatsLastDay.sql: statistics of the last day
  • 3rdLevelStatsHourly.sql:hourly statistics for the last x days (x is a script parameter)

The script exportStatsHourly.sql contains a parameter which defines the number of days in the past to export statistics for. When executing the script via the command line or the GUI the user will be prompted to enter this parameter.


  • The size of the generated CSV's vary and could be quite large - make sure that there is enough space on the directory that you are saving them to.
  • The "days" parameter is using EXAplus syntax, which may have to be modified for other clients.
  • The scripts use EXPORT to LOCAL CSV, which requires clients using the Exasol JDBC driver (odbc, ADO etc would not work).