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Team Exasol


The solution described below uses the 'socket' package.

Detailed documentation on the package can be found here: http://w3.impa.br/~diego/software/luasocket/smtp.html

No further installation is needed since 'socket' is part of Exasol's distribution.

Solution using a Lua Script

LUA SCRIPT "SEND_MAIL" () RETURNS ROWCOUNT AS smtp = require('socket.smtp') sender = 'service@exasol.com' receivers = { 'captain.exasol@exasol.com' } -- use a dictionary message_text = 'hello world' -- put the message contents into a dictionary: mesgt = { -- SMTP headers headers = { to = 'Captain EXASOL <captain.exasol@exasol.com>', from = 'EXASOL Service <service@exasol.com>', subject = 'The mail you requested' }, -- message body body = message_text } -- send mail using an SMTP server res, err = smtp.send{ from = sender, rcpt = receivers, source = smtp.message(mesgt), -- you have to know/ask for the correct mail server, our cluster does not know any. -- if the cluster has no DNS service, you need to use an IP address server = 'mail.exasol.com' } if err then error(err) end /

Additional Notes

Ideas / Extensions

Provide Parameters for all parts of a mail like

  • receiver(s)
  • subject
  • text