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The Exasol database is enforced by limits when the License (RAW-based or RAM-based) is exceeded. If this is your case, you will get an error message. We will explain what you can do in order to unlock the standard operation of the database.


When the limits are reached, you will see the following in the Exaoperation logs or by checking the EXA_SYSTEM_EVENTS table:

Warning Message:

License Warning: Databases raw sizes of 87.0 GiB is close to the license limit of 100.0 GiB (86.5%). At 105% databases will no longer permit data insertion.

Error Message:

License exceeded: Databases raw sizes of 53.0 GiB exceed license limit of 50.0 GiB (106.2%). Databases no longer permit data insertion.


MAIN         2021-05-18 14:02:59 LICENSE_OK       7.0.9        3     100.0       -forceProtocolEncryption=1
MAIN         2021-05-17 13:34:02 LICENSE_EXCEEDED 7.0.9        3     100.0       -forceProtocolEncryption=1


Depending on your contract with Exasol and your business requirements, Exasol provides 2 different licenses: "Raw data License" (default one) and "Database RAM License". For further details follow this link.

There are certain limitations enforced on the license and a periodic check is done by Exasol on the size of the data.

If you have a "Database RAM License", you won't be able to allocate more RAM at the time you start the database. On the other hand, if you have a "Raw data License" and the size limit exceeds 105%, the database won't permit any further data insertion (statements affected: IMPORT, INSERT, CREATE TABLE AS, MERGE, SELECT INTO) until the usage drops below the specified value or the license is changed.


To resolve the limit exceeded on your license, you have 2 options:

1. Delete data

The first solution is to clear some large data (DROP or DELETE database tables). When this is done, connect as SYS (or DBA) and perform "FLUSH STATISTICS TASKS;" on the database to trigger the check; the (de)activation of the "Restricted Mode" takes about 3 to 5 minutes.

Please note, it is important to clear sufficient data so we are back below 100% of the license. Additionally, you can check the EXA_DB_SIZE_LAST_DAY table to view information on database sizes.

2. License update

A second solution might be to update the License. This can take some time, therefore if you are already in negotiations with Exasol, please tell Exasol Support (see some details here).

If you are holding a Raw data license, you may want to change the new one without disruption. To do so, please follow the steps below:

1) Check "EXA_SYSTEM_EVENTS" or EXAOperation logs for the messages

2) Upload the "new" license (with a bigger RAW allowance), into EXAOperation following the below link (Note: Skip step #4 to not perform the restart):

3) Connect to the database as SYS or a DBA user and run "FLUSH STATISTICS TASKS;".

4) After some time (the (de)activation of the new license takes some time (about 3 to 5 minutes)), the Normal operational mode will be restored and all of the commands including INSERT and CREATE AS SELECT will start working again.

5) Check again "EXA_SYSTEM_EVENTS" or EXAOperation logs for the correspondent messages


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