In rare cases, to debug a problem Exasol will require detailed information regarding the status of the EXAplus client. As EXAplus is a java application, that information can be supplied as a java stacktrace using oracle's java SDK.


Java SDK must be installed on the machine where EXAplus was started. The SDK can be downloaded here:


How to get a java stacktrace for EXAplus?

While the following examples and paths were generated on the Windows (tm) operating system, the process does also apply to MacOSX and linux systems.

Step 1: Open a console

Any console will do, depending on your operating system.

Step 2: Change into the 'bin' directory of the JDK installation:

cd "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_20\bin"

Please note:

  • The actual path may vary by operating system, installation and java version.
  • This is only required if the bin folder is not included in your PATH variable.

Step 3: Determine the PID of exaplus

This can be done with the system's process monitor (windows task manager) or with the jps program that is part of the JDK:


Here, we have two running java programs: jps itself and something named Program. The latter is exaplus, with PID 2252.

Step 4: Generate the stacktrace

The actual stacktrace is produced with jstack from the java SDK:


jstack's output can also be redirected into a file:


Step 5: Attach the generated stacktrace to your ticket with Exasol.