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Sometimes, you may want to look at exactly which queries were running at a specific point in time in the past. If this is the case, you can use the below query to show running queries at a moment in time. 


  • Auditing must be enabled.

How to check system activity

Use the following query to do this. Don't forget to insert the timestamp that you are looking for in the first CTE!

-- Replace the timestamp below with the timestamp you are interested in
with target_time as
        (select timestamp'2020-04-14 10:45:10.237' ts from dual
), recent_sessions as 
         where login_time > (select max(measure_time) from EXA_STATISTICS.EXA_SYSTEM_EVENTS where event_type='STARTUP')
), logged_in_sessions as 
        (select * from recent_sessions
         where (select min(ts) from target_time) between login_time and coalesce(logout_time, current_timestamp)
), running_queries as 
        (select * from EXA_STATISTICS.EXA_DBA_AUDIT_SQL
         where (select min(ts) from target_time) between start_time and stop_time
), active_sessions as
        (select L.login_time, L.logout_time, L.user_name,L.client,L.driver,L.encrypted,L.host,L.os_user,L.os_name, 
        from logged_in_sessions L left join running_queries S on (L.session_id=S.session_id)
select * from active_sessions;


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