This article describes a way how to connect Spotfire to Exasol.


Download the EXASOL JDBC driver and extract the exajdbc.jar

How to connect Spotfire to Exasol

Step 1

Copy the exajdbc.jar to to the Spotfire library directory, see the following link where this directory is located: https://community.tibco.com/wiki/tibco-spotfirer-jdbc-data-access-connectivity-details#toc-2

Step 2

Restart the Spotfire Server so the EXASOL jdbc driver is loaded.

Step 3

Start the Spotfire Server configuration tool

Step 4

Go to the Configuration tab and create a new Data Source Template

Step 5

In the Add data source template enter EXASOL as name and copy paste the following template:

<ping-command>SELECT 1</ping-command>
 <from max-length="2000000">String</from>

Step 6

Save the config, close the configuration tool and restart the server

Step 7

Check the logs if the XML config for EXASOL was validated correctly

Step 8

Use the Information Designer tool in the Spotfire Analyst to create a new Data Source