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Team Exasol


See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3eyqTw3HsQ for a video demonstration of this process


  1. First, sign up for a developer account at Google https://developers.google.com/
  2. Now create a Google developer project, activate the APIs you need, and most importantly, generate an API key - this will need to be used when you run your script Slide5.JPGSlide6.JPG
  3. You can now import the UDF libraries in EXAOperation in the usual way - see attached for the Python libraries Slide7.JPG

You should replace the API key given here with you own key

Using Google Maps API with Exasol


Slide9 (1).JPG



 CREATE or replace PYTHON SET SCRIPT google_geocode(placename varchar(200)) emits (lat double, lng double) AS
import googlemaps
def run(ctx):
	gmaps = googlemaps.Client(key='<your-secret-key>')
	geocode_result = gmaps.geocode(ctx.placename)
	for this_place in geocode_result:

select google_geocode('10 Downing Street, London, UK') from dual;

Reverse Geocoding

Slide10 (1).JPG



CREATE or replace PYTHON SET SCRIPT google_reverse_geocode(lat double, lng double) emits (placename varchar(20000)) AS
import googlemaps
def run(ctx):
	gmaps = googlemaps.Client(key='<your-secret-key>')
	reverse_geocode_result = gmaps.reverse_geocode((ctx.lat, ctx.lng))
	for this_result in reverse_geocode_result:
		if str(this_result["geometry"]["location_type"])=='ROOFTOP':

select google_reverse_geocode(51.5034066, -0.1275923) from dual;

Nearest Bakery to EXASOL Head Office

Slide8 (1).JPG



CREATE OR REPLACE PYTHON SET SCRIPT google_nearest(address_search varchar(2000), category_search varchar(2000)) 
EMITS (placename varchar(20000), geolocation varchar(200)) AS
import googleplaces
from googleplaces import GooglePlaces

def run(ctx):
	google_places = GooglePlaces('<your-secret-key>')
	query_result = google_places.nearby_search(
	   location=ctx.address_search, keyword=ctx.category_search, rankby='distance')

	for this_place in query_result.places:
		ctx.emit(this_place.name, str(this_place.geo_location))


select google_nearest('Neumeyerstrasse, Nuremberg, Germany', 'Bakery') from dual;

Driving distance and time between two points

Slide11 (1).JPG



CREATE or replace PYTHON SET SCRIPT google_summary_directions(from_place varchar(20000), to_place varchar(20000)) 
emits (distance_metres double, duration_seconds double) AS
import googlemaps
def run(ctx):
	gmaps = googlemaps.Client(key='<your-secret-key>')
	query_result = gmaps.directions(ctx.from_place, ctx.to_place, mode='driving')
	for this_result in query_result:
		for legs in this_result["legs"]:
			ctx.emit(distance_metres, duration_seconds)

select google_summary_directions('Buckingham Palace, Westminster, London', '10 Downing Street, London') from dual;

Detailed Satellite Navigation between two points

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