MyExasol Registration Unavailable!

In order register for a MyExasol Account, you must first log into the community or sign up for a community account. Once you have logged in, please re-visit this page!

MyExasol Registration

As a customer, you can sign up for a MyExasol Account. This lets you create and vote for ideas, view our roadmap, open support tickets, and download update packages.

Your support questions can be submitted either via email or directly using the support system and will be handled confidentially and will only be visible to your colleagues and to our EXASOL support team! To ensure confidentiality, the single-user accounts are not managed by EXASOL, but rather by the customer itself. For that purpose, a MyExasol user manager must be named during the OnBoarding process. 


To register for a MyExasol Account, you will need the Customer PIN. The MyExasol User Manager has received this PIN in their onboarding document. If you don't know who this is, please contact the team in charge of the Exasol environment in your company. Once you have the PIN, please fill out the form to the left, making sure your e-mail address is a company e-mail address. After the form is filled out, the following process happens:

  1. You may be asked to confirm your email address
  2. The MyExasol User Manager is contacted to confirm your registration. 
  3. After confirmation, you will immediately gain access to the following sites. Your login credentials are not your community login. You should log in with your email address and reset your password. 
    1. Exasol Issue Tracker (Jira)
    2. MyExasol
    3. Download Center 
  4. Within a few days, your Community account will also be upgraded, where you will be able to start Knowledge Base articles, view the roadmap, and more.