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Background To export CSV files from PostgreSQL Options to export csv fromPostgreSQL Option 1: Using   pgAdmin III: Connect to the database you want to export Open the   SQL Editor   by clicking the   SQL-Button Select the tables individually with separate   SELECT Statements To run the query press   F5   or use the associated button When the task is finished you can continue the export with opening the integrated   Export data to file   tool To do so, open the   File   menu on the top left and proceed with   Export   from there Now you are able to make some adjustments for your csv format To guarantee a proper csv file we recommend the following settings Select your desired filename and start the process by clicking   OK You will receive a message about the successful export Notes: pgAdmin III   automatically converts NULL to "" (empty string) pgAdmin III   automatically masks double quotes ("Example" -> ""Example"")   Option 2) Using   PSQL: Connect to the database you want to export Use the   \COPY   [table_name | query]   TO   [filename]   WITH CSV   command (Documentation: Add the following parameters to export a proper csv file: o   FORCE QUOTE *   (all values will be quoted) o   ENCODING ‘utf8’   (specifies encoding option) Example: Start the export by pressing   Enter You will receive a confirmation about the number of rows that have been exported Notes: PSQL   automatically converts NULL to "" (empty string) PSQL   automatically masks double quotes ("Example" -> ""Example"")
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